Vitality Partnerships (US and Canada Only)

Only through an ethical and performance-oriented partnership all can exceptional goals be achieved. We provide OEM businesses the necessary technical training in operating and services in order to grow their business successfully. Vitality Partnerships offer clients the ability to leverage the experience, financing, and support of Vitality Tech to grow their business. Vitality Tech has a unique offering that has quickly become a success story for our clients worldwide.

The Vitality Partnership Program is offered to new and existing businesses that want to leverage the experience, financing, and support of Vitality Tech to grow their business and customer base. This program also allows clients to enhance their competitive advantages, while conserving their capital accounts. For a minor down payment, Vitality Tech will partner with your firm in delivering state of the art technological solutions to enhancing the beauty and well-being of your customers. We offer a generous tiered sales structure that gives our partners the maximum benefit possible. Dermatologists, beauty salons, beauty schools, etc. have all found this program to be worthwhile and beneficial their businesses. Our goal is to make you a success. By investing in our partners we can help elevate their level of success and competitiveness, while preserving their cash and bank capital accounts for more important things. We know what it takes to run a business, and beauty equipment is an important part of delivering services to your clients.

Vitality Partnership Program

  • Expand your business rapidly
  • Offer your clients the latest beauty technology solutions
  • Enhance your ability to compete
  • Low start-up cost
  • Vitality Tech support team
  • Leave your bank reserves alone

If you are interested in Vitality Partnership please send us your information by filling this online form, and indicate what option you would like to pursue.